Chasing Butterflies

Most people cannot pinpoint their first memory. Mine was physically stepping in my parents’ footprint and wondering if my foot would ever get that big on our carpet. The year was 1997. I was unaware that Memphis was not the capital of the United States. I had no idea who the President was. My hair was blonde. Life was hard trying to not lie to my parents if I broke something and blame it on my brother. I did not know there were people who struggled for anything in life.
I didn’t know anything besides what happened on Monday Night Raw between Big Show and Stone Cold Steve Austin. I could not grasp the volume of my voice in a social setting. I had no fear of being wrong or suggesting a creative idea. As I grew up, I lost my innocence, blonde hair, and ignorance of the world. Like childhood, I firmly believe the quote that states “Happiness is like a butterfly. The more we chase it the harder it is to grab. Once we take the focus off it, it will land on your shoulder.” What are you chasing?

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