The Timely River

Mondays come and go. As a kid, you keep track of time by the hour or day of the week. As a teenager, it is more of a month-to-month affair. After 21, life blurs like colors on an easel. Much like a cake, the outcome cannot be observed without the individual components. However, this combination cannot be undone as these components cannot be reverted to their original form. The transience of life can be observed through experiences because these experiences produce a new you year-to-year.
We are all little equity stocks. We have our five-year highs and our one-day crashes. We have investors in our stakes. We chase the quick gains and track our earnings, as we benchmark our successes into a relative worth against those in our society. When is the last time we really thought about visualizing ourselves? Not what, where, how, or when but “why?”
Why do I need to do what I need to do? Why is this a priority in my life? Will this affect me a day from today? Do I really want to keep this person in my life? Could I do better than I think I can? Am I scared to try because I am worried a failure will mean a concrete lack of skill? Am I spending too much time on X when I neglect Y?
Don’t have an introspective thought. Listen to your music. Listen to the “one-party” politicians. Hear the sounds of social media superstars. Soak in the Amazon “great deals”. Grill those meats. Let all the stimuli in the world distract you from the toughest conversations with who should be your biggest critic: yourself.
I love the part in Willy Wonka as Gene Wilder drifts toward the madness while the boat moves. He did not know where he was going, but the river kept on flowing. Growing up so close to the river I think I can relate to such a metaphor. The current of our lives may flood or dry. Rivers and time have two things in common: (1) They both compress the transience of life. (2) The other is whatever they mean to you.

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